Xuzhou Credible Glass Product co.,ltd US Double Negative Investigation Rate is only 3.22%


2020 is unusual year!

To avoiding the huge problem for purchasing glass bottles and jars  from China.

Formerly, you import glass bottles or jars from China about countervailing duty and Anti-dumping duty rate they have gained.

Countervailing duty: (Effective Date: June 9th ,2020)

Cancel this duty

Anti-dumping duty ( Effective Date: April 30,2020)

At present ,only 42 Chinese enteriprises have participated in the US double-negative investigation,They got an average tax rate is 3.2% ,  In addition to cooperating with 42 enterprises, you should pay a huge tax at 245.14%.

We, Xuzhou Credible Glass Product Co.,ltd is 3.2%

We expect you to evaluate your purchasing cost and budget correctly before you place the order,Some customers who bought products from other companies and hard to pay high tax rates when the goods arrived at the port,and they quit goods.




Post time: Aug-21-2020

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